Four Tips for Hiring a Car in the UK

Four Tips for Hiring a Car in the UK

July 3, 2018 0 By William Henry

Getting behind the wheel of a rented car and exploring the local area is a great way to find out more about any chosen destination. Visitors to the United Kingdom are in for a real treat when they take to the road, because there are so many wonderful things to see and do. If you’re planning to visit Britain in the coming months, here are four tips to ensure you get the very best from the experience.

Check out the best deals There are a number of car hire companies, both local and international, operating in the UK, so you are likely to find a wide range of prices when you decide to book. The best option is to make a few enquiries online in advance of the trip, because the cheapest rates are likely to be found on the Internet. Although there will be a selection of car rental desks waiting for you at the airport, ferry terminal or mainline railway station, it makes sense to plan ahead, especially when you consider the amount of money you could potentially save.

Bring a GPS unit with you Getting from A to B in Britain can be a rather complicated and confusing experience, especially if you have to negotiate the rabbit’s warren that is central London. A reliable GPS unit can be used to help you stay on the right track, so be sure to bring one with you. Some new cars in Britain already have a satellite navigation device installed, but at the moment the average vehicle is unlikely to have this feature. Time spent getting lost in the UK is time that you could have used for exploring, so make sure you don’t lose yourself.

Size always matters If you are visiting the UK from America and Canada, you will undoubtedly be used to driving cars of a certain size, and will expect a roomy and comfortable drive. In Britain, however, many vehicles are rather smaller, so you need to make sure you book one that has enough space for you, your passengers and of course all of your luggage. The United Kingdom’s cars are perfectly adequate in size, however, so you won’t have any problems in adjusting to them.

Avoid the peak hours There are traffic problems in the heart of the big cities, as you might expect, but there are also plenty of bottlenecks in and around most British towns. The rush hours in the mornings and afternoons are definitely best avoided, so make sure you plan your motoring schedules accordingly. There is generally less traffic on the roads during school holidays, so if your summer vacation is taking place in August, you might find the roads will be substantially quieter.