Fuel-Saving Driving Tips

Fuel-Saving Driving Tips

July 4, 2018 0 By William Henry

With fuel prices continuing to go up drivers have to find ways to make their fuel go further to eke out every last mile from their tank. You might not think it’s possible to get more miles per gallon than you are already getting, but just following a few hints and tips can help you get the most out of your tank of fuel.

Fuel saving driving tips: Remove unnecessary loads – many people drive around day after day unaware that the weight of their car affects fuel consumption. It might not be possible to get rid of your passenger but just taking a look at what is in your boot and getting rid of any unnecessary heavy items could make a difference to how much fuel you use.

Remove roof racks and bars – if you drive around with a roof rack or roof bars in place you will likely end up using more fuel as the wind resistance will decrease your average miles per gallon. Roof racks should always be removed from the vehicle when not in use.

Look for fuel bargains – not all service stations have the same petrol and diesel prices. Because of this it’s worth keeping an eye on the local prices to find out which service stations are the most competitive. Some supermarkets offer discounts on fuel at their petrol stations when you buy your groceries with them, so it’s also worth looking out for these offers too.

Check tire pressures – if you drive around with under-inflated tires you won’t just be wearing out the tread you’ll also be increasing your vehicle’s fuel consumption. If you check tire pressures regularly you’ll get the best miles per gallon from your vehicle.

Drive conscientiously – if you accelerate quickly, drive erratically or are the wrong gear you’ll end up using more fuel than is really necessary. You might get a one second thrill from rapidly accelerating away from a set of traffic lights but if you do this all the time you’ll soon feel the sting in your pocket as you’ll use more fuel.

Plan your journey – if you plan your journey to avoid driving at peak times you won’t get stuck in heavy traffic so will cut down on idling time and hence save fuel. Every time a journey takes longer than it should you’ll be using more fuel than is really necessary.

Turn off air conditioning – it might be nice to sit in a cool air-conditioned environment when driving but using the air conditioning will mean your vehicle will use more fuel. Turn off the air conditioning if it’s not absolutely necessary.