Get Up-To-Speed on Driving in Portugal Before You Speed Away

Get Up-To-Speed on Driving in Portugal Before You Speed Away

July 5, 2018 0 By William Henry

For competitive prices, reliable cars, and exceptional customer service, your car hire in Portugal should be arranged with a professional company that is committed to honesty, integrity, and getting you the best value for your money.  This team of experts will inform you of special deals and rates and will work diligently to inform you about every aspect of your rental agreement.  You must be knowledgeable about a plethora of information and a professional can bring you up-to-speed before you finalize everything.

Know the Laws Before you pursue car hire in Portugal you should know that you must be 21 years old, have a valid driver’s license, and be familiar with driving laws and regulations around the country.  Know the speed limits, wear your seatbelt, and keep children younger than 12 in the back seat of your rental car.  Remember to be courteous, polite, and don’t argue with law enforcement officers should you be stopped for any reason.  Of course, common sense customs apply as well; don’t drink and drive, talk on your cellular telephone, or ignore traffic signs and lights.  Observe all parking laws and don’t be negligent in your use of your rental automobile.

Use the Proper Fuel There are a variety of fuel types for use in Portugal and knowing which one is required for use in your rental car is imperative.  You can select from unleaded petroleum, diesel, or LPG; be sure to know exactly which one your car needs before you fill the tank.  Should you make an error, you should inform the staff at the station where you have purchased the fuel so that they can drain the tank and refill it with the proper fuel.  Don’t start the vehicle when you know you have the wrong fuel in the tank or your vehicle will be damaged and you’ll have to pay for the repair work.  You’ll find service stations in Portugal available twenty-four hours but are closed from noon to three in the afternoon for lunch.  Your major credit card is acceptable payment and will take care of any fuel purchases that you need to make.

Plan for the Unexpected Your laugher de automates Portugal experience will be more successful if you are always prepared and have planned for the unexpected.  If you need glasses to drive effectively, take a spare pair in case of breakage or damage to the ones that you regularly use.

 Be sure to drive on the right side of the road and anticipate local traffic and driving customs as you navigate around the country. Keep your eyes on the road, pay close attention to your driving, and don’t become distracted by conversations or events happening inside or outside of your car.  Know what the legal limit is for drinking and driving and realize that you can face heavy fines or prison sentences if you are over the limit.

Renting a car can help you to see the country up close and personal and to enjoy the time that you have to explore the highways and byways of Portugal.