How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive

How to Get the Most Out of Your Test Drive

July 20, 2018 0 By William Henry

Coming in for a test drive can be a challenge, or even something that causes drivers and potential car owners anxiety. After all, you’re behind the wheel of an unfamiliar vehicle that belongs to someone else! Many drivers make the mistake of feeling uncomfortable when really they should be relaxing and paying attention to how they feel behind a potential vehicle.

Like the start of any long-term relationship, it takes a little while to get used to something new – but some things are bound to feel more “right” than others, and this blog post is here to help you know how! Read on for Buds’ Mazda’s tips for test driving your way to successful car ownership: Have a list of “musts” going in. This doesn’t have to be long, but you should write down between five and ten elements you absolutely have to have in a car. This might not be the same for everyone, and it isn’t! Think about the number of passengers the car has to hold, about whether or not you need space for sporting equipment, or whether you consider it an absolute necessity to have car accessories in your Mazda such as heated mirrors or custom carpet protectors. No item is too big or small, but having a list will help you stay focused and will help Buds’ team get you into the perfect car for you and you alone.

Bring a notebook. This might sound a little silly, but honestly: you’re going to be looking at, if not driving, a few if not several cars on your visit to the dealership and keeping them straight might be more of a challenge than you anticipate. If you take a couple of seconds to jot down models or features that catch your attention on the lot or in the car, you’ll be more likely to remember them when it comes to sifting through your data later.

Don’t necessarily judge the book by its cover. While you should definitely feel happy with a car’s exterior, don’t let this completely rule your decision to buy one or not. After all, you’ll be spending most of your time on the inside driving and looking out rather than staring at your car’s hood for extended periods of time. Before you even put the key in the ignition, politely ask for a moment alone in the vehicle without the salesman to see how it feels to be in the car by yourself or with a trusted friend, spouse, or family member. Have a look around the interior and see what features you like about the design.

Test drive when it’s convenient for you. Only test-drive at your leisure! Rather than making a pit stop at lunch, come on a weekend or day off when you have ample time to explore and to enjoy the experience of shopping for a Mazda at Buds’. Buying a car is an important decision not to be rushed. To schedule an appointment to test-drive at Buds’,