Must-have Car Care Products to Keep Your Car in Best Shape

Must-have Car Care Products to Keep Your Car in Best Shape

July 17, 2018 0 By William Henry

Having a stunning, dust-free and shiny car is every owner’s pride. It also reflects how you as the owner regard your car as a prized possession and pay attention to extra care and detailing. Keeping and maintaining your car in best shape needs not only the basic skills and knowledge regarding polishing and cleaning cars, but it also needs the help of basic car care products that will make the job much easier and efficient.

Regular car care should be done at least every week or once every two weeks; depending on how geeky you are when it comes to car maintenance. In addition to that, you need at least a number of car care products to help you achieve that extra glam and shine. So let’s start with the needed car care products for your car’s exterior:

1.) Sponge and Chamois Cloth- these two are for basic wiping and scrubbing for your car exterior. Both are soft- which will not cause scratch marks on your car, easy to use and efficient in reaching delicate corners of the car exterior.

2.) Car Wash Soap- good quality car wash soap is essential in preserving your car’s outer beauty. It cleans your car from basic dust, dirt and mud that can accumulate after days of driving.3.) Car Wax- a good car wax will always give your car that extra shine that will keep it looking brand new.4.) Glass Cleaner- of course it is needed to clean your windshield and car windows. You can apply the glass cleaner inside and out to achieve an extra glassy smooth. However, make sure that the particular glass cleaner product you have purchased is okay to use even on tinted windows.

Aside from your car’s exterior body, the tires should also be checked and changed at least once in a while. To do that, you need additional car care products for tire care and tools that can be used when you need to change them.

Keeping your car in best shape does not end in the exterior alone, but it should also reach the interior. Additionally, you need other car care products to efficiently clean the inside because it is made of entirely different materials; some of which is vinyl and fabric. So here are basic car care products to keep your interiors fresh and make your rides more comfortable.

1.) Microfiber Polishing Cloth- Like the sponge and chamois cloth, a basic polishing cloth is effective in absorbing dirt and other residue on your car’s interior surfaces.

2.) Interior Protestant- good for protecting the car’s interior surfaces from harmful UV rays.

3.) Carpet Stain Cleaner- this comes in handy for car owners who use car mats. A carpet stain cleaner can remove basic stains from carpeted mats.

4.) Basic brush and soap- of course this is always useful when taking off any stubborn dirt on your car interior’s surfaces. Aside from keeping your car exterior and interior dust-free and squeaky clean, every car owner should at least do regular check-ups to make sure that it is not just the appearance of your car that’s looking good, but also including what’s under the hood. For starters, you must at least do a visual check-up for possible car problems every other day like: Leaking fluids underneath the vehicle- there may be a leakage in your fuel box. Exterior damages (scratches, marks and other bumps). Your car emissions- check if it is in a normal state (not too black and sooty). Check your tires if they are well-inflated. If they aren’t, then consider changing them into new ones.

And of course, checking out the condition underneath your car’s hood is very important. You must look out for: Fluid levels- make sure each engine fluid stays in its recommended line (quite above the minimum and below the maximum line). Check for any leakages in the tubes to avoid it from bursting. Loose electrical tubes, worn out belts and exposed wiring- make sure to have them replaced with the help of a professional if you are not confident to do it.

Be mindful of your car’s battery- car batteries usually wear out after five years of use so make sure to take note when you should buy and replace it with a new one. Also check your battery wirings and make sure they are working properly.

Another important routine to keep your car working at its best is to be mindful of its oil filter. Most experts would say that the best time to change your oil and oil filter is after every 2000-3000 miles.

Keeping your car in best shape requires much effort from the owner. However, the reward is also worth it because you get to at least keep your car running smoothly for several years. Not to mention that head-turning effect among bystanders because of that extra glam on your car exterior. –