What’s The Right Car for You?

What’s The Right Car for You?

July 16, 2018 0 By William Henry

Over the years, we’ve had many different cars grace our household. The fact of the matter is, my Dad loves cars and gadgets, and as such, needs a new toy to play with every couple of years or so. As we grow older, our car needs change; what may have been perfect for you when you were 17, is unlikely to still be the car you drive when you’re 45. Not only that, car models are constantly changing and improving. It makes little sense to drive around a car that’s falling to bits and always posing problems for you, when you could be driving something more reliable and user-friendly, not to mention you’ll probably save a fortune at the same time.

Buying a car is an important, not to mention expensive, purchase. Get it wrong, and you’ll be stuck driving something you’re not happy with and having to pay it off for the next few years. So how do you go about deciding what car is the right one for you? – It’s your first car: I clearly remember spending hour upon hour with my Dad, hunting down the right car for me once I’d passed my driving test.

We must have visited every showroom and garage within a 30-mile radius of our house. It took us ages to find my car; everything was either too big, too pricey, wrong color, uncomfortable; you name it; I found a problem with it. Buying your first car is such an exciting time; it’s so important that you choose one you love, and find easy to handle. After all, it’s bound to be a while before you get the next one. Ideal cars for first time buyers are small-is ones, up to about 1.4L engine size (you don’t need a lot of power when it’s mainly going to be you bombing around in it), reliable makes, in a color you love

. If you follow those tips, you’re bound to find a great first car. – You drive many miles a year on the motorway: this is two-fold really. If you have to drive an awful lot, perhaps you have a long commute to work, or you have to travel as part of your job, you may want to consider buying a car that takes diesel rather than petrol. In the long run, this could work out a much cheaper, more economical deal. It goes without saying that if you have to drive a lot, it’s vital you choose a well-known, reliable car make, that’s practical for all types of weather.

Cars with rear wheel drive handle the snow far better than cars with only front wheel drive. Bigger does not necessarily always mean better. If you do a lot of motorway driving, it’s worth getting a car with inbuilt cruise control; this will mean fewer stops at the petrol station, as well as enabling you to rest your legs a bit during long stretches of motorway driving.

Remember however, to always stay alert to those around you. Be prepared to have to quickly reduce speed or break if there’s a hazard ahead of you. -You’re starting a family: when the time comes to start a family, you have to let go of your fantasy of owning a super-fast, two-seater sports car, and think practically.

You need to have a big enough boot to transport any pushchairs and bags full of baby stuff, as well as your own items. Then there’s a car seat to buy for your infant, and child locks to put on to stop any accidents. It might also be a good idea to avoid cars with rear electric windows. If your child is anything like I was as a youngster, they will find it very amusing and entertaining to push the button and watch the window open and close on repeat. Not only does it get draughty in the car, it also breaks the mechanism on the window. If it breaks with the window open, you’re not going to be a happy parent. Just a tip! So there you have it; buying a car is very easy, as long as you remember to consider carefully what you’ll need from it. Follow these helpful tips to choose the right car for you. This guest blog contributed by George Sampson a writer who is determined to help you get great car loans, and find out about the best local car finance such as car finance in Bristol.